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Incentive Negotiation

The biggest measure of a client’s success is often the phone call received several years after an initial project – hearing from corporate leadership that the company is considering expansion. When a company is ready to grow or has already identified potential locations for a new operation, Parker Poe Consulting is here to help.

Economic incentives are typically based on a variety of factors, including location, capital investment, job creation, wage rates and type of project. Incentives can be highly complex – state and local incentive offerings can be both statutory and discretionary, and there is often more than meets the eye. To further complicate things, various states and communities have different costs and tax rates and utilize different types of programs – this can make it difficult to produce an accurate comparison of costs & incentives among multiple locations. Moreover, simply receiving a large incentive package at a potential location does not always equal the most cost-effective result.

Parker Poe Consulting uses financial modeling tools to analyze upfront and recurring project costs, then negotiates incentive benefits for clients that can provide the most impactful benefits to their bottom line. Parker Poe Consulting’s team utilizes their experience in state and local government to advocate and achieve optimal incentive results for clients, while still maintaining strong relationships with the communities in which the companies operate.

Parker Poe Consulting frequently obtains the following types of economic incentives for clients:

  • Discretionary cash grants
  • Withholding tax rebates
  • Property tax abatements or payments in lieu of tax
  • Discounted or free land
  • Corporate income tax credits
  • Sales tax rebates or exemptions
  • Workforce training programs or grants
  • Utility riders and discounts

In addition, in partnership with our parent law firm Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein, Parker Poe Consulting helps investors take advantage of opportunities associated with federal incentive programs including Opportunity Zones and New Market Tax Credits.

Incentive Compliance

Parker Poe Consulting’s client engagements frequently go beyond project completion, public announcements, groundbreakings and ribbon cutting events. Parker Poe Consulting provides continuity and confidence to clients at new and expanded operations by offering incentive monitoring and incentive compliance services to ensure that clients receive their negotiated benefits. Parker Poe Consulting employs a three-step comprehensive approach to incentive monitoring and compliance.

Step 1: Discovery. Parker Poe Consulting obtains relevant incentive documentation (including applications and contracts), reviews reporting requirements and determines each client’s current compliance challenges.

Step 2: Implementation. Parker Poe Consulting utilizes two incentive compliance management and tracking tools. These tools serve as a hub for all client incentive-related commitments and as a reporting management system, giving clients the ability to easily monitor progress towards goals.

Step 3: Compliance Assessment & Strategy Review. Parker Poe Consulting prepares an annual incentive compliance
report, summarizing client achievement of commitments to date, remaining terms and benefits and other pertinent incentive information to allow clients to maximize existing incentives and avoid repayment. Through this process, Parker Poe Consulting often identifies areas where clients are positioned to exceed commitments, allowing the team to discover additional opportunities for enhanced benefits.

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