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Foreign Direct Investment & Supply Chains During COVID-19 - Mark Simmons Featured in Area Development

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  • May 04, 2020

Mark Simmons offered analysis in Area Development of how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting supply chains and foreign direct investment (FDI). 

"As we have witnessed rising offshore wages and operating costs, increased lead times, a lack of consistency in product quality, and a move toward more protectionist trade policies, many of our clients have for some time been assessing these mounting global supply chain risks vis-à-vis any cost-competitiveness that they once produced," Mark explained. "The COVID-19 disruption will accelerate these analyses for many companies, and we suspect that our clients may use this opportunity to evaluate the benefit of assessing multiple suppliers and introducing additional automation into their processes."

"It’s a good time for foreign investors to begin the site selection process," he said. "With the right assistance, investors can still get a good understanding of ongoing operating costs and pre-COVID labor markets, with the potential for competitive up-front costs. Communities are searching for ways to revive their economies and create jobs, and many in the business community are eager to do deals."

You can read their full analysis here. Area Development has been a leading resource in the site selection industry since 1965. 

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